Zone Events and News

Thank-you for electronically dropping in. Below are some current, or soon to occur, zone events that we feel may be of interest and /or could be important to the O.F.A.H. Zone “E” membership at large. Also this is the place we will put any important information/news item that will affect you close to home in zone “E”. Your executive encourage you to participate, please.


October 21st 2022 – – Item

The agenda for the O.F.A.H. Zone “E” AGM & Regular Membership Meeting on November 27th 2022. Again, this is the meeting members elect the zone executive for another year. Please note that there are two (02) executive positions that need additional candidates for the Second Vice-Chair and the Secretary/Treasurer plus Website Administrator positions.


August 29th 2022 – – Item

Attached are scanned copies of the “Minutes of Meeting” for the O.F.A.H. Zone “E” Regular membership Meeting of August 28th 2022.


August 11th 2022 – – Item

As the O.F.A.H. Zone “E” Secretary / Treasurer and Zone Website Administrator position will be open for election at the O.F.A.H. Zone “E” AGM November 27th 2022, attached is a document detailing some of the responsibilities and tasks of that position. This is so any candidates will have an idea of what the jobs entail.

I am confirming again, Alan Fennell is retiring and not standing for reelection November 27th 2022.