New Funding Form Requirements

Requests For Funding: Reporting Policy

Our solicitors have reminded the OFAH that all projects being funded by the OFAH must be consistent with the charitable purposes of the organization, which is primarily related to the conservation of fish and wildlife. Canada Revenue Agency can certainly question any activities that do not conform to our charitable purposes and in the worst case scenario can revoke the OFAH charitable status.

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is reviewing the way charitable organizations, like ours, are funding various projects. This review includes not only the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), but all registered charities. The CRA is looking for specific details on how charitable monies are allocated to, and spent by, groups requesting funding. Please understand this is not an OFAH or Zone F requirement, but a CRA requirement.

Application.  Therefore, Zone F requires more information, including specific details of all  planned expenditures, when you are filling out the “Request for Funding” (RFF) form. Key is to show your budget for what is planned be spent on things that further the OFAH objectives listed in the ELIGIBILITY portion of the RFF form.

Report.  Further, the group requesting funding MUST submit a detailed report within thirty days after completion of the event or project. Failure to complete this report will restrict funding for future projects or events. Key in the report is to show what has been spent on things that further the above-mentioned OFAH objectives, and supporting that listing with photocopies of applicable receipts.

For the small organizations, and first-timers, to set yourself up for success, you might approach the issue the way you approach your household budgeting and preparation for personal income taxes: decide what you plan to spend your income on; then collect and document receipts as you spend your money, to have them available to support your claimed deductions when you send in your tax return (your ‘report’). Note that a cash register receipt needs to have written on it what was purchased, when, where, and for what amount.

Please do not let this requirement inhibit your requests for funding. Zone F is still here to help you with your conservation projects. Please  let us know how we can assist you in preparing your report of your conservation project.

Again, we can not emphasize this enough: this is a CRA requirement. It is critical that all RFFs, whether by conservation clubs or individuals, comply with this requirement so that OFAH can continue to retain its charitable status.

Thank You

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Please download the REQUEST FOR FUNDING Form and send/email to 

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Funding support could include such projects as fisheries habitat improvement, stream restoration, tree planting, boat launch improvement, stream rehabilitation, fish stocking and fish hatcheries, youth fishing, youth hunter education,.