Meeting Minutes

Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters – Zone F

The minutes from Aprils meeting were passed at the August 30, posted for your viewing

April 22, 2018

OFAH – ZONE F General Meeting

Held at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 244, Perth, ON

Attendees: Pat Crawford, Wayne Haddock, Randy Hodgins, Mike Barkley, Hubert Casselman, Les Latham, Brian Vermeulen, Hans vonRosen, Kerry Coleman, Wendell Crosbie, Merrill Elliott, Bob Emery, Ed Giffin, Ernie McDougall, John Palmer, Bill Skinner, Rick St. John, Wayne Stephenson.

Chairman Ed Giffin opened the meeting by welcoming all, and sharing the Conservation Pledge at 9:30 am. Introductions [including affiliations] went around the table.

Chair Ed asked for the minutes of the November 26, 2017 meeting be approved as distributed.

Moved by Wendell Crosbie / seconded by Merrill Elliott, carried.

Chair’s Report – Ed Giffin:

There was a Board of Directors meeting in Mississauga on Dec 2, 2017; and a Zone F Executive meeting in Perth, on February 21, 2018. The AGM for the BoD was March 16-18, in Mississauga.

Merrill Elliott has done a great job of keeping our website up to date. You can find it at ‘’. Merrill recently installed the ‘uTube’ presentation on Moose tag allocation for 2018.

We are especially proud of President Kerry Coleman receiving the prestigious Jack O’Dette award for Conservation efforts.

Chair Ed advised we have one new Club in the Zone; Thousand Islands Hunt Club; welcome.

Moved by Wayne Stephenson / seconded by Merrill E to accept the Chairs Report; carried.

Secretary / Treasurer’s Report – Bob Emery

2017 Financial Audit conducted by Susan Crosbie found all data in order; Thanks to Susan.

Book balances for GICs and Chequing account discussed.

Moved by Wendell C / Seconded by John Palmer to accept S/T report as presented; carried.


Wendell Crosbie verbally presented a great report on the 90th Annual Meeting & Conference & Director’s report.

This included a complete listing of all elections recently at the Board of Directors’ meeting.

President Kerry Coleman updated members on recent election of President at the March BoD meeting in Mississauga. By laws state a firm timeline with no broken service for any BoD member in order to be eligible to stand for President. Kerry to maintain President role until the protocols can be worked out for election of President. Thank you Kerry.

Big Game Advisory Report – Wendell C

Annual General Meeting Report – Wendell C. Kerry C expanded on the L A System.

Firearms Advisory Committee – Ed G.

C-71 Backgrounder – Ed G.

Land Use and Access – Bob E

Fishing Advisory Committee – Merrill E

FMZ 18 – Merrill E. One outstanding item is why no consultation with the committee on changes to two lakes in the FMZ. Rick St John asked the question on the slot size change.

We were entertained with a cooking demonstration of ‘smoked glazed salmon’ by Andrew Rochon – OOD executive chef. Awesome taste testing happened. Merrill presented Andrew with a token of appreciation.

This was part of our lunch break.

Alice Abrams, Masters in Biology student at Carleton University presented a Power Point presentation on the Black Bass study happening in the Rideau Canal / River system. Zone F contributed 5K towards this project last year. An excellent Q&A followed. Chairman Ed presented a ‘thank you’ to Ms Abrams.

Ed G presented some information on the Algonquins of Ontario Harvest Reporting. This is mainly around the boundaries of Algonquin Park, and surrounding areas. Should you choose to know more about this, go online to ‘Algonquins of Ontario Harvest’. We salute these First Nations folks for having harvest statistics in place, or at least a real good start at it.

Eastern Ontario Quality Deer Advisory Committee – Wendell C.

Forest Management Report for Mazinaw / Lanark Forest – Hans vonRosen.

The newly formed ‘Bancroft & District Fish & Wildlife Committee – Ed G.

Lanark County Stewardship Council – Wendell C.

Eastern Ontario Youth Hunt Collaborative – Wendell C.

A motion to accept all reports as reported. Moved by Wayne S / seconded Hans vR – carried.

Club Reports:

Lanark & District Fish & Game Conservation Club – Wendell C.

Delta Waterfowl Report – Hubert Casselman

New Business:

Wayne Haddock explained that a couple members of his Hunt Camp have passed away, and the families have offered up hunting gear to be given away, [primarily clothing]. Wendell C will see if any Youth hunters express an interest. Thanks Wayne.

Mike Barkley spoke for a few minutes. He and his girl friend volunteer [for past 3 years] have been mentoring youth into hunting. Mike Barkley reported on his personal efforts to raise funds in support of hunter education in his neighbourhood. He raises enough money every year by conducting an online silent auction to enable  6 youths to take the course. He was looking for funding support, and hopes to increase numbers of youths this year. He was encouraged to seek OFAH membership to be eligible for any support from the zone. []

Request For Funding [RFFs]

RFF 18-01: Kemptville Woodlot Conference was held February 21st. The Executive approved $250.

RFF 18-02: YHES – Young Hunter Education Scholarship – Head Office. $1000. Moved by Wendell Crosbie / Seconded by John Palmer; carried.

RFF 18-03 EOYHC – Eastern Ontario Young Hunters Collaboration – $1000. Moved by Wayne Stephenson / Seconded by Merrill Elliott; carried.

RFF 18-04 – Perth KidFish Event in the Tay Basin in the town of Perth. Anticipate up to 200 kids to take part. $250; plus 200 Frisbees. Moved by John Palmer / Seconded by Hans vonRosen; carried.

Chairman Ed announced Zone meeting dates for 2019: April 14th; August 29th; November 24th.

Strictly coincidence, Andrew Rochon won the door prize.

Motion to adjourn – Wayne Stephenson / seconded by Hans vonRosen; carried at 2:50 pm.

We remind all Clubs and Members if they have a Request For Funding [RFF], to please submit it to the Secretary / Treasurer at least one month prior to needing the funds. This way, it can be discussed with the Membership, or the Executive can make a decision for support.

Respectfully submitted by Bob Emery; OFAH – Zone F – Secretary / Treasurer