New Funding Requests

At our  OFAH Zone F meeting on April 23rd 2017 in Perth, the meeting approved a new funding policy which we hope will encourage clubs who have identified a conservation project in their area and who need some funding support to make this conservation project happen.. We have created a funding application form that we hope will make it easier and encourage clubs to apply for funding support for their conservation project. This process will also allow the zone to anticipate funding requests and provide sound fiscal management of the Zone’s financial affairs and manage income which is based on OFAH Zone F’s membership numbers.

Funding support could include such projects as fisheries habitat improvement, stream restoration, tree planting, boat launch improvement, stream rehabilitation, fish stocking and fish hatcheries, youth fishing, youth hunter education,.

We have supported Kids’ Fishing Derbies over the years including providing Frisbees as well financial support. Clubs who sponsor Kid’s Fish Derbies of less than 250 kid participants can receive up to $250 and over 250 kid participants can receive up to $500.

Applicants can print off the Request For Funding form, fill it in, and either scan it to the Secretary Treasurer  or mail it.

Please download your copy of the request form HERE.

You can also email your request form to Bob Emery