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The Government of Ontario has released the following update on the Algonquin Land Claim negotiations:

July 2020 update

Ontario’s consultation with the public, stakeholders and Indigenous communities, and ongoing negotiations with the Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) have resulted in some changes to the package of Crown lands proposed for future transfer to the AOO.

View the Tanakiwin interactive map to see the proposed changes.

Ontario is currently contacting people who have interests related to the proposed changes, including:

  • interested Indigenous communities
  • those who have existing legal interests on the Crown lands added as proposed Algonquin settlement lands
  • property owners within 120 metres of the new proposed Algonquin settlement lands
  • those with property within 120 metres of Crown lands which were removed from the proposed AOO settlement lands package
  • those with legal interests on Crown lands which were removed from the proposed AOO settlement lands package

This is an interim step in Ontario’s ongoing consultation. We are providing similar information to all parties with interests on the Crown lands proposed for transfer to the AOO.

Broader public consultation on the proposed transfer of provincial Crown land to the AOO will continue as the negotiations proceed. This will include information about the input Ontario received following the 2017 publication of the Draft Environmental Evaluation Report and the publication of a Final Environmental Evaluation Report.

The Agreement-in-Principle signed in 2016 is available for public review. It is based on extensive consultation and feedback on the Preliminary Draft Agreement-in-Principle that was publicly posted in December 2012.

Ontario remains committed to resolving this long-standing Aboriginal rights and title claim through a collaborative negotiation process that features consultation with partners, stakeholders and the public.


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