bylaw response

  • Section 3.1 – as the City does not own the river bed under the Ottawa River, the City has no jurisdiction to enact a no discharge of firearms buffer zone extending out into the water.  The City’s jurisdiction would end at shoreline.
  • The OFAH supports the intent around buffer zones (urbanized settings, such as any place of worship, parks, seniors facilities or schools), as long as they aren’t too restrictive.  In our experiences in working with municipalities, the common distance being used/proposed across Ontario is 100m.
  • We would like to propose (as we had discussed over the telephone) the following wording for section 3.3.4.
  • ‘Within 100 metres of any dwelling, other than a dwelling owned or lawfully occupied by the person discharging the firearm or a person having the express permission of the owner or lawful occupier of that property in accordance with the provisions of the (Ontario) Trespass to Property Act’
  • Prohibited areas – LaRose Forest – as we had discussed, these are multi-use properties and now this bylaw is proposing to restrict a provincially and federally recognized heritage activity (hunting) without just cause.  We know that there are no safety concerns or issues being filed, so we are wondering why the city is taking such drastic steps to eliminate hunting opportunities.  The same can be said in the new ‘bows only’ section.  We would appreciate a little more clarification on this section.

Yours in Conservation,

Brian McRae

Zone/Member & Club Services Liaison

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

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