Environmental Registry of Ontario

The Environmental Registry contains “public notices” about environmental matters being proposed by all government ministries covered by the Environmental Bill of Rights. The public notices may contain information about proposed new laws, regulations, policies and programs or about proposals to change or eliminate existing ones.

On this page we’ll up date any ER postings that are relevant to our Hunting, Fishing and Trapping heritage. Please review the issues and add your comments as they may help the MNRF in the decision process.

The MNRF is seeking information on invasive species and carriers under the Ontario Invasive Species Act, 2015

All points are very important but two items that caught my , attention is the ask on Wild Pigs and Over land movement of Watercraft.

The link to the ER posting 019-1162 comments are open until March 30 2020 .

Proposed changes to black bear hunting regulations
Have a look and add your comments, comments can be added until February 18 2020
ERO 019-1112


MNRF is now seeking comments and feed back n how to improve forest pest management in Ontario, to help protect forest health and improve the resilience of Ontario’s forests. In the face of invasive species and climate change a more resilient forest will help to protect biodiversity and the sustainability of Ontario’s wood supply. The discussion paper can be found HERE

Finalizing seven recovery strategies for nine species at risk and initiating engagement on species-specific polices 

The MNRF have finalized seven recovery strategies for nine species at risk in Ontario. We are starting engagement on species-specific policies (government response statements) through surveys that close January 6, 2020.

Slight update regarding the proposed Double Crested Cormorant hunt .

This notice was updated on November 7, 2019 to inform the public that proposed amendments to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997, received First Reading on November 6, 2019 in the Ontario Legislature, and to provide a link to the proposed legislation – see updated link below. If the proposed legislative amendments are passed by the legislature, the ministry would have to advance regulatory amendments before a double-crested cormorant hunting season could be created.

Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997

Currently subsection 36 (1) of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 prohibits a hunter or trapper who kills game wildlife, other than furbearing mammals, from abandoning it if its flesh may become unsuitable for human consumption. Subsection 36 (2) prohibits a person who possesses game wildlife that was hunted or trapped, other than furbearing mammals, from permitting its flesh to become unsuitable for human consumption. A new subsection 36 (2.1) is added to provide an exemption from subsections 36 (1) and (2) only in respect of double-crested cormorants in the circumstances prescribed by the regulations. A new paragraph 27.1 is added to section 112 to allow the Lieutenant Governor in Council to make a regulation prescribing the circumstances in which subsections 36 (1) and (2) do not apply.

November 7, 2019

Ontario’s Sustainable Bait Management Strategy

The Ministry is proposing to modernize Ontario’s bait management approach to protect Ontario’s vibrant fisheries and the industries that rely on them while maintaining flexibility for industry and anglers. Comments on this proposal are welcome until November 14 2019

Two new EBR postings by the MNRF, both posting are open for comment until September 26

Proposal to make changes to improve how moose are managed, how moose tag quotas are developed, and how tags are distributed to provincially licensed moose hunters.

Environmental Registry # 019-0405

Proposal to make changes to wolf and coyote hunting regulations in northern Ontario to address hunter concerns about the impacts of wolf predation on moose.

Environmental Registry # 019-0406