Help Us Protect Our Crown Land Rights!

On October 17th 2016, the Council of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry approved a motion that bans hunting and the use of firearms at the Summerstown Trails Crown Land area between December 15th and March 15th each year. This was done with little to no public consultation.
We believe our constitutional right to use Crown Land is fundamental and we are deeply concerned that this motion sets a dangerous precedent. We believe is it important to protect already rare ethical hunting opportunities in this area, as well as our hunting heritage and rights on a larger scale.
The South Lancaster Fish and Game Club is hoping to appear as a delegate at the next Council meeting being held on Monday, November 21, 2016 to contest this motion.
Please join us in protecting our hunting heritage and sign this petition. We need to show solidarity to stop this motion before it eventually becomes an outright ban or affects other Crown Land. Also provided is a link to the members of Council, please feel free to contact your local member of Council to voice your concern.
Please follow the links below to access the information:
Petition –…
Members of Council –…/council/members-of-council
Should you have any questions regarding this material, please don’t hesitate to contact the club.
Kind Regards,
Shawna Rousseau
South Lancaster Fish and Game Club