Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the August general meeting are now posted as they have been approved by the membership. Minutes from each meeting must be approved first by members attending the meetings., only then can the minutes be posted.

The minutes are recorded by John Palmer our recording Secretary and now Treasurer ….. Thank You John


Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters – Zone F

Minutes of a General Meeting

29 August 2019, 6:00 pm

Held at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 244, 26 Beckwith St E, Perth, ON

5:30-6:00 Light lunch.

  1. Opening: Chairman Ed Giffin called the meeting to order at 6:06, followed by the OFAH Pledge. Introductions around the table. Welcome guests OHAH President Rob Hare and Brian McRae.

  1. Chairman’s report – Ed Giffin. Spoke about current EBR postings. See f/ebr-info. Bob Hare and Brian McRae provided info on several issues, having also brought handouts for attendees. Ed noted for the AGM in Nov, that we will go with model 2, and listed nominees. Acceptance of the Chair’s report was moved by Ron Latham, 2nd Gordie Morrice. CARRIED.

  1. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report – Bob Emery.

    1. Financial Report. Acceptance of the report was moved by Bob Emery and seconded by Collin Thomas. CARRIED.

    2. Correspondence.

    3. Minutes of the 14 April 2019 meeting. Having distributed the minutes prior to the meeting, corrections were solicited. There were no observations. Acceptance of the minutes was moved by Hans vonRosen, 2nd by Ernie McDougall. CARRIED.

  1. Recording Secretary

  1. There were 29 people signed-in to the meeting.

  2. Those who have not filled in a Contact Request form were requested to do so, after the purpose was explained.

  1. Committee Reports

  1. OFAH Director’s Report – Wendell Crosbie.

  2. Big Game Advisory Committee – Wendell Crosbie.

  3. Firearms Committee – Ed Giffin.

  4. Access/Trails/Land-Use Advisory Committee Report – Bob Emery, with background by Gordie Morrice.

  5. Fish Advisory Report – Merrill Elliott.

  6. Indigenous Relations Liaison Committee – Ed Giffin.

  7. Eastern Ontario Deer Advisory Committee – Kerry Coleman.

  8. South Nation Conservation Authority – Cyril Holmes. No report.

  9. Mazinaw-Lanark Forest Management Plan – Hans von Rosen. No report.

  10. Lanark Stewardship Council – Wendell Crosbie.

  11. Youth Hunt Initiative – Wendell Crosbie (Lanark), Ed Giffin (Kingston).

Acceptance of reports was moved by Ernie McDougall, 2nd by Tom Myatt. CARRIED.

  1. Resolutions and Zone By-Laws. – Wendell Crosbie. No report.

  1. Club Reports.

  1. Lanark & District Fish & Game Conservation Club – Gordie Morrice.

  2. Westport Area Outdoor Association – Tom Myatt.

Acceptance of reports was moved by Kerry Coleman, 2nd by Ernie McDougall. CARRIED.

  1. Guest Speaker: Sarah and Nick Sproule reported (7:15 – 8:15) on their American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) session in Jackson, Wyoming. Wonderful connection of our selves to ecology and biology, and the search for balance between preserving, and using.

  1. 2018 Deer Survey. Ed Giffin presented Len Dickinson’s report on the 2018 Deer Survey. Moved by Tom Myatt, 2nd by Jim Tye, that we fund the survey again this year. CARRIED.


  1. OFAH Director’s Report – Wendell Crosbie.

  1. RFF Ducks Unlimited is requesting $1200 plus 6 one-year OFAH memberships for Youth Hunting Mentorship Program. Moved by Bob Emery, and 2nd by Merrill Elliott that we provide $600 plus electronic memberships, and hats for 6 kids, to remain consistent with support provided to other groups.

Meeting Dates:

24 November 2019, 0930: Annual General Meeting.


Adjournment was moved at 10:11pm Ed Giffin.

___________________ _________ ______________________

John Palmer, Secretary Date Ed Giffin, Chair



OFAH ZONE F minutes November 25 2018 AGM