Wildlife Food Survey

The MNRF is reaching out to everyone to help collect data on .

The Ontario Wildlife Food Survey

In spring each year, blank WFS data forms are distributed to Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) personnel at field offices across Ontario. Now they are asking from us, that are also out in the field, for a bit more help .to broaden the data base.

The data is easy and fast to collect and is used to help explain, and in some cases predict, changes in reproduction, abundance, movements, behavior, age structure, and vulnerability to harvest of many wildlife species, from voles and vireos to moose and bears. 
Please also note that it is not necessary to provide data for all of the species listed on the data sheets.

Please download your DATA form

If you require any further information

Please contact

Scott Smithers

Management Biologist

Kemptville District Office

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

(T) 613-258-8614

(F) 613-258-3920