2019 Mandatory Hunter Reporting Results are available!  

2019 Mandatory Hunter Reporting Results are available!

Thank you to all hunters who completed mandatory hunter reporting in 2019. We count on the information you provide to manage wildlife in Ontario. This valuable data helps us:
  • monitor wildlife populations
  • set tag quotas and determine the availability of additional tags
  • adjust seasons and bag limits
  • develop management policies

Check out the big picture

Results from 2019 hunter reporting are now available.
You can review the results using the one-page summaries that present a big-picture look at each species, using graphics and charts. You can easily save, print and share these PDF documents with other hunters.
Want to dig deeper? Below the summaries, you’ll find links to more detailed data on hunting activity and harvest.
To view the results, visit ontario.ca/hunterreporting and follow the links in the “Previous year’s hunter report summaries” section.

Good job, hunters!

We’re pleased to see that reporting rates have increased significantly for most species. This means more hunters are supporting wildlife management.
This is great news! The more data we collect, the better we can manage the sustainability of Ontario’s wildlife populations and hunting opportunities.

Keep up the good work!

Do your part. Complete your mandatory hunter report in 2020.
Who needs to report?
Any hunter who bought or was issued a tag to hunt moose, elk, deer, bear, wild turkey or wolf/coyote (in Wildlife Management Units where a tag is required).
Got a tag this year but didn’t hunt or harvest an animal?
You still have to report.
What happens if I don’t report?
Hunter reporting is mandatory under Ontario law. There are penalties if you don’t report including fines or not being able to purchase a licence. If you are uncertain about your requirements, please check our website at  Ontario.ca/HunterReporting and if you still need support you can contact us at the Natural Resources Information and Support Centre, contact information is located at the bottom of the newsletter.
How do I report? 
Most hunters, including apprentice hunters who have chosen to purchase their own licence/tag, must report online or by calling 1-800-288-1155 .
Where do I get the details?
You can find reporting deadlines and instructions on how to report at ontario.ca/hunterreporting.