Research being conducted at the University of Guelph by a MSc Candidate

OFAH Zone J is asking once again asking our members to assist in research being conducted at the University of Guelph by a MSc Candidate.

Jon Kotwa is studying K9 Tapeworm in our coyote and fox populations.

Please see the information sheet for details on how you can get involved.

A maximum of 130 coyote carcasses will be accepted
A maximum of 130 fox carcasses will be accepted
Donations are expected to come from many sources: hunters, trappers, hunters hunting with dogs, farmers, landowners, road kill
YES—road kill coyote or fox are accepted
YES—you are encouraged to keep the pelt

Anyone picking up road kill must follow the reporting process that can be found at

OFAH Coyote and Fox Collection Depots

Target areas of Collection are: Huron, Perth, Middlesex, Oxford, Norfolk, Elgin, Lambton, Chatham-Kent and Essex counties. Carcasses from other areas are also Welcomed and will be collected.

Tavistock /Stratford/Perth County: Lead Contact Tony Jackson 519.274.1697 to coordinate with donor

Norfolk/Middlesex/Oxford/Elgin counties: Lead Contact Dave Snook 519.644.0168 Mapleton Taxidermy, 11664 Belmont Rd, Belmont to coordinate with donor

Sarnia /Lambton area : Lead Contact Brian Moore, Warwick, 519.919.1520 to coordinate with donor

Please direct inquiries to the appropriate Project Lead Contact or to Jon Kotwa, the University of Guelph (226.820.2200) or OFAH Zone J Project Contact Pud Hunter (226.688.7231).