About OFAH Zone G

OFAH Zone G is the smallest geographic Zone in the province, bounded by Lake Ontario in the south, Lakeridge Rd to the east, Hwy 9 to the north but with extensions up to Lake Simcoe between Bradford and Beaverton and Oakville to the west.  The boundaries were set to correspond with the old MNR Maple District.  The Zone has 80 Hunting, Fishing and shooting clubs with approximately 10,000 members.

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As hunting opportunities are limited in the Zone and we only have Lake Simcoe and Ontario and rivers that feed them for fishing much of the focus for this Zone has been to provide funding for Conservation activities and supporting youth programs. Its members, clubs and volunteers are active with York-Durham Stewardship Councils and the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Committee.

Perhaps the most significant contribution of all is OFAH Zone G’s dedication to youth conservation. Over the years,  members have introduced hundreds of kids to the outdoors through annual Outdoor Youth Adventure Camp, hosted by the Islington Sportsmen’s Club, Uxbridge Huck Finn Fishing and Pefferlaw Kids Fishing Derby.

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