After the Shot 2018

5 long years.  I’ve seen them but this the first one I got a shot at.  Look at the size of it, 8 points, it’s going up on the bedroom wall (if she will let me)   OK now what.  I’ve never field dressed a deer.  Old Jim does all the blood and guts stuff for the camp but he won’t be here until next week.   Where do I start?  Do I cut the throat? How much of the hide do I leave on for the mount?  Wonder if there are any ticks?  Hope the meat is good to eat;  the one that Rob got last year had a funny taste.  If you have asked any of these questions and still want answers, register to attend this workshop

Date : Sept 15, 2018

Location: Islington Sportsmen Club
1415 Humber Station Rd
Caledon, ON
Time : 9:00 to 3:00
Cost :$50   Lunch included
Registration: Pre-registration required, we can not accept walkin registrations on the day of the event.  Limited to 50 participants



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