After the Shot Agenda 2019

1. Sporting Dogs & Zoonotic Diseases – Dr Joe Wilson DVM
Health issues to be aware of when using dogs for deer hunting and what
diseases can be passed from deer to hunter

2. Taxidermy – Claudia Gravina
How to prepare the deer for delivery to the taxidermist, kinds of mounts,cost

3. Legal Issues – MNRF Conservation Officer
Party hunting, tagging, transportation, recovery on private property,
recovery, serving wild game

4. Field Dressing and Butchering – Rob Hare
How to field dress a deer, tools, hanging, precautions, delivery to a butcher,
cuts of meat and potential costs

5. Deer Response to Hunting Activities – Keith Munro
Adaptive behavior observed in deer herds to the hunting season and
changes noted following a successful harvest. What hunters can do to
select the most appropriate strategy for hunting during the open season

6.Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) – Keith Munro Overview of CWD from origins in US from 1960s to prevalence now.  Steps taken to address issue and what it will mean to deer hunters in the immediate future