Huck Finn 2017

Wil Wegman tagging the big trout for the Year 150 prize

Buckets of Fish being released by the Pickering Rod & Gun Club

Ready for the anglers

Here comes the Huck Finn Parade

Takes two to untangle a rod and tackle after the kids have had first try at fishing

Refurbished for 2017 Huck Finn Kids Fishing Day

Local media coverage of the event

A family affair for their first fishing outing

My first fish

Do you think he may be happy about his first catch of the day?

Wil Wegman did return to clean fish, 61 in total

Wil trying to recruit Leslie into helping clean the fish

Ready set go fish

Close knit group fishing

Two of our partners at the Huck Finn Day

The winners are, every new and returning angler who attended the 15 th annual Huck Finn Day