Youth Camp 2011 Report

This year’s OFAH Zone G camp was a great success as always. We had 17 girls and 13 counselors. I would like to thank Islington Sportsmans Club for hosting the camp for the 19th year.
The girls took part in a variety of activities like survival talk, first aid, orienteering, hiking, fishing and range day, just to mention a few. We give out four awards and they are Marksmanship won by Brianna McIntyre, Top fisherman award won by Morgan Byng, the best camper award won by Chantal Harris and the Conservation award won by Jennifer Garrett. Appreciation Awards given to Nico Iuglio for all his help in the kitchen.

I would like to thank the following participants; first aid, Quaker Boy, Sensational Snakes, MNR (co officer, invasive species, Muskies restoration, Wil Wegman for fishing instruction, York Rangers and York Stewardship for the butternut restoration), and the Raptors Conservatory.

There were several members from ISC that gave their time to help Robert Demisch, Stephen Huntley, Jack Orsi, Joseph Barbuto, Bob Mountjoy, and Walter Yovdoshuk. Thanks to Jackie Dunn for her brownies and to Tony DeNardis for coming in and preparing the ribs, salad and potatoe wedges for range day.
Thanks to the following volunteers on range day; Shane Coon, Steve Allen, Dave Castelli, Jackie Dunn, Tom Dunn, Dean Middaugh, Dave Boxall, Walter Yovodoshuk, Clark Boyd, Dave Dixon, Dave Paron, Bob Mountjoy, Dante Cashera, Brian Vickery and S. Charlton.

Thanks to the following OFAH members; Christine Finter, Dave Dixon, Stephen Huntley and Jim Etherington.
Thanks to Pat Higgins of the Uxbridge Canadian Tire and Tony DeNardis for the donation of the fishing rods for each of the girls. Thanks to Danny Iuglio of Longos for the donation of groceries. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

If I have missed anyone please accept my apologies.

Thanks again to everyone who volunteered their time, without your support the camp would not be the tremendous success that it is.
Jim Kelly