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Every donation dollar helps carry the heavy lifting for Ontario’s conservation work

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Restoring the health of coldwater streams, stocking walleye, salmon and trout, planting trees and making a difference for hands-on conservation work –these are the grassroots programs making a difference for outdoor opportunities in Ontario. And the volunteers and professionals behind these programs need your help.

The OFAH is NOT the government…. we are conservation-minded citizens from all walks of life who decided to do more for conservation than tax dollars will afford. OFAH membership is the volunteer team of people and resources that contribute to fish stocking, habitat restoration, invasive species prevention, student research grants and conservation education.

Right now, local fisheries improvement efforts and habitat conservation needs more assistance. Our natural resources simply cannot count solely on government funding. As always, the OFAH is fully determined to help carry the load but we can’t do it all on membership dues alone.  The OFAH is a registered Canadian charity. Every donation dollar (from members and non-members alike) brings conservation visions into real life outdoor opportunities.

While fishing and hunting is your passion it doesn’t mean that your agenda will have the hours, days, or months of volunteer time to repair a hatchery, clean fish tanks, collect fish eggs, stock fry and fingerlings, and all the other conservation projects that some people simply take for granted.

Through OFAH donations, your support is always there for these initiatives.