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When your passion is hunting and fishing, a commitment to conservation comes from the heart. You are dedicated to the outdoors. Your family’s world revolves around it. Hunting and fishing are your way of life; they are your identity.

Your skills and experiences in fishing and hunting are as impressive as your passion and knowledge about local outdoor issues. You listen, you respect, you understand and you stand up for fishing and hunting when others don’t even understand the need to be represented.

OFAH Membership explained

The OFAH is you! We are an organization driven by ordinary people taking extraordinary initiatives to improve the great outdoors.

The OFAH is NOT the government. We are the volunteer initiative on the front line for conservation, supporting programs and projects that do more for our natural resources than the government will ever afford.

As anglers and hunters, there comes a time in our lives when we promise to give the most that we can to what we love the most. Your promise is for fish and wildlife because you will always care enough to support conservation. Your promise is for the anglers and hunters in your life who deserve every outdoors opportunity.

OFAH membership is your defining outdoors moment; it means you looked to the future with heartfelt satisfaction knowing that you are doing everything possible for your family’s outdoors way of life.

Please make a promise to support the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, today.


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