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Public Access Projects

Committed to ensuring all Ontario’s enjoy public access to outdoor activities

The OFAH is actively involved in various public access projects aimed at improving and maintaining access to outdoor recreational opportunities across Ontario.

Some examples are:

Boat Launches and Access Points

OFAH works with community members and municipality representatives across Ontario to identify, develop, and maintain public boat launches and access points to lakes, rivers, and waterways. These efforts ensure that anglers, boaters, and outdoor enthusiasts have safe and convenient access to water bodies for fishing, boating, and other recreational activities. 

Trail Development and Maintenance

OFAH collaborates with local communities, landowners, and government agencies to develop and maintain trails that provide access to fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation areas. These trails not only enhance recreational opportunities but also promote responsible use of natural resources and conservation practices. 

Land Acquisition and Conservation Easements

The OFAH partners with land trusts, conservation authorities, and private landowners to protect valuable habitats while ensuring sustainable access for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Advocacy and Policy Engagement

OFAH advocacy pushes for policies and regulations that support public access to outdoor recreation areas. This includes promoting public access rights, advocating for fair and equitable access to Crown lands and water bodies, and engaging with government agencies to address barriers to access. 

Education and Outreach

OFAH educates the public about the importance of public access to outdoor recreational opportunities through outreach programs, episodes of Angler and Hunter Television and award-winning content from the pages of Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine. These efforts raise awareness about the benefits of outdoor recreation and the need to protect and enhance access for all Ontarians. 

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