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We speak proudly with goodwill and confidence.

Our members and our colleagues are the reason we’re here.
They are our everything. Our purpose.

Voices of the OFAH Community

Discover the heart and soul of the OFAH Community through the experiences and stories shared by our members and supporters in the outdoor community.

Whether you’re an angler, hunter, conservationist, or simply someone who just enjoys being in the outdoors, these testimonials represent a celebration of the diverse ways in which OFAH enriches the outdoor experience with an eye towards preserving our natural resources for generations to come.

“I believe every angler and hunter should have an OFAH membership. We need your help working on keeping our privileges. Thank you for the work you do on our behalf.”
P. Hutton
Spencerville, ON
“I love the work your organization does for fish and wildlife, I am a hunter and fisherman and feel great about belonging to your organization. Thank you.”
W. Lowles
Janetville, ON
“Best run organization in my 60+ years of business enterprises. Keep doing the work that is so vital to the future of our home – the world.”
B. Hymander
Wasaga Beach, ON
“I joined because I knew the outdoors shouldn’t count on the government. The OFAH is always looking out for us, and I just wish more people would join.”
2021 CTA Weekly Winner
“I played Catch the Ace for the same reasons I’ve always been a member. I just wanted to do my part for hunting and fishing, and all the great things the OFAH does for the outdoors,”
2021/22 CTA Grand Prize Winner
Dand and son with fish caught at fishing derby

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OFAH is for all Ontarians

Our Mission: Uniting through Outdoor Lifestyles

Our mission is member-centric.
When they are strong, our community is strong.

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