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Hunter Education

Learn how to get your hunting licence in Ontario

Educating New Hunters On All Aspects Of Hunting

The Ontario Hunter Education Program (OHEP) is co-administered by the OFAH in collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and aims to educate new hunters on all the various aspects of hunting. 

This comprehensive course covers hunting regulations, the responsibilities that come with being a hunter, wildlife management, safety protocols, equipment usage, hunting techniques, and wildlife identification.


The Ministry now provides two options for taking the Hunter Education Course: online or in-person with a certified instructor.

For further information, please visit www.ohep.net.

Get Your Hunting Licence

Once you’ve completed your Ontario Hunter Education Course, either online, or in person, you can get your hunting licence for a variety of species and seasons in Ontario.

To learn more on how to do just that, check out www.huntandfishontario.com

Crossbow hunter in hunter orange in the forest
OFAH is for all Ontarians

Connecting the Hunting Community

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is committed to providing inclusive and educational hunting programs that foster a strong, united community of conservation-minded hunters.

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