Firearms Prohibition Update

Firearms Prohibition Updat

We’ve heard from many of you following last week’s firearms ban announcement and are working hard to respond to each and every one of you. Your opinions are diverse, but your level of passion is clearly the same. We wouldn’t expect anything different from the OFAH community.

The spreading of misinformation, rumours and uncertainty of the whole situation has understandably made the entire firearms community angry and anxious, and has left us all searching for answers. We ask you for your patience as we work to respond to your inquires while continuing to chase down the answers you are looking for and making sure the government knows how these changes are effecting everyday, law-abiding Canadians.

Following discussions with government officials this week, we have been able to add new information to our recently-published FAQ.


The OFAH will continue to seek the most up-to-date and authoritative information to help everyone understand what is happening. Thank you for your passion and your patience.

Enjoy this Mother’s Day weekend, and stay tuned for more updates.