Fishing and hunting can stimulate post-pandemic economies

Fishing and hunting can stimulate post-pandemic economie

Earlier this week, the OFAH sent a letter to Premier Ford outlining the importance of using fishing and hunting as a way to help with economic stimulus and recovery in Ontario following the COVID-19 pandemic. Our letter included ideas for expanded fishing and hunting opportunities, recruitment of new anglers and hunters, and investments in habitat and other ‘green infrastructure’ projects.

A 2019 study commissioned by the OFAH and the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association showed that fishing, hunting, trapping, and sport-shooting contributed $4.7 billion to Ontario’s GDP and supported 36,900 jobs. Obviously, these sectors present an enormous opportunity to help kickstart the post-pandemic economy.

In our previous letter to Premier Ford (sent May 1), we strongly urged the government to prioritize outdoor recreation opportunities in the early phases of reopening the economy. The government’s strong consideration of outdoor activities and economies has been encouraging, thus far.

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As we continue discussions with all levels of government, we want to know what your ideas are for how fishing and hunting can help with jobs and the economy. Please reply to this email and let us know.