Help fight invasive species

Invasive species harm our biodiversity, recreational opportunities and even our economy. That’s why the ministry and its partners continue to work hard to protect our lands and waters.

As of 2022, watercraft users must take precautions before transporting their boat overland or launching into any body of water in Ontario. This regulation builds upon best practices (such as Clean, Drain, Dry) boaters can follow to prevent the spread of invasive species hitchhiking on their boat.

Last fall, we interviewed a group of Ontario marina owners and operators. The purpose was to learn more about boaters’ behaviours and attitudes towards invasive species. We learned boaters are supportive of taking action to prevent the spread of invasive species, and more availability of vacation properties is increasing the distance traveled and number of trips that boaters take to lakes in Ontario. Additionally, we learned that increasing awareness of both invasive species and the watercraft regulation will likely increase actions which reduce the spread of invasive species.

How you can help:

• read the Boaters Action Plan and our guidance for watercraft users (PDF) for more information about cleaning methods for boats and boat equipment

• spread the word to your family and friends

Taking care of our natural resources is a shared responsibility and everyone can help. Click here for more information on invasive species and the rules you need to follow.