How is COVID-19 impacting fishing and hunting?

How is COVID-19 impacting fishing and hunting

The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on fishing and hunting in Ontario has raised many questions within the outdoors community. The OFAH is hearing from anglers and hunters from across the province with questions about how COVID-19 has or will change fishing and hunting.

Can I still go fishing and hunting this spring?

Should I go fishing and hunting this spring?

Has the moose draw application process been changed?

Can I still take my hunting and/or firearms course right now?

Those are just some of the questions we’ve been asked in recent days – and we’re doing our best to answer them through a COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions section on our website.

Please click here to read the full FAQ.

ICYMI – OFAH e-news was the first to let subscribers know that the Government of Ontario was shutting down Crown land camping in response to COVID-19, and has also been providing regular updates on the many other closures and restrictions that will impact anglers and hunters this spring, including conservation areas, provincial parks, county forests, trails, national wildlife areas, national parks, and public boat launches. Click here to see an updated list of closures and restrictions.

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