MNRF proposing significant changes to fishing regulations in FMZ 15

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is proposing significant regulation changes in Fisheries Management Zone 15. The proposal impacts a variety of species and regulations.

Whether you fish in FMZ 15, or know someone who does, please check out the important information you should know contained in the bullet points below.

  • Lake Trout: The MNRF is proposing to eliminate winter fishing on small natural lakes; restrict winter fishing on large natural lakes; have an open season start date on the 3rd Saturday in May (both small and large lakes); and a reduced season end date on Labour Day (small and large lakes).
  • The MNRF is proposing 40 cm and 50 cm minimum size regulations on small and large lakes, respectively.
  • Brook Trout: The MNRF is proposing a zone-wide winter closure for Brook Trout and a reduced catch limit to 2(sportfishing) and 1(conservation).
  • The MNRF is proposing a Brook Trout Fishing Only regulation on prime natural lakes.
  • Lake Whitefish: The MNRF is proposing to reduce the catch limit from 12(S) and 6(C) to 4(S) and 2(C).
  • The MNRF is proposing to remove the current one-over 46 cm regulation for Walleye and implement a harvestable slot of 40-50 cm.
  • The MNRF is proposing to change the bass season to the 3rd Saturday in June to December 15th.


The OFAH has responded on behalf of anglers in our official submission to the Environmental Registry of Ontario .


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