New public waterfowl area created

New public waterfowling area created

If the announcement of a new public waterfowl hunting area isn’t enough to get waterfowlers excited, the fact that it is on the site of one of the most esteemed hunting clubs on Lake St. Clair ought to.

The 488-acre St. Luke’s Marsh was purchased by Ducks Unlimited Canada in 2020. As part of the restoration, Native Plant Solutions was hired to come up with a management plan for the property. Representatives of the company reached out to John Foster, president of the Long Point Waterfowlers Association, to ask about what was done in the Long Point Crown Marsh. During conversations about the management plan, Foster brought up hunting possibilities, as Long Point Waterfowlers manages the public hunting at Long Point.

Day use permits were established for hunting at six different stakes on the lake side of the marsh. All hunters must obtain a permit through the Long Point Waterfowlers website at and be an OFAH member. All hunting spots are boat-accessible stakes that hunters need to stay within 30 meters of.

“There’s only six hunting spots at St. Luke’s right now but I think every little bit helps,” Foster said. “Not everyone can afford to join a private hunt club and supporting public hunting opportunities for regular folks is what we’re about.”

Foster said there is the possibility more blinds will be added in the future.