Shared from a fellow houndsman


“Just a friendly reminder to hikers, 4x4er’s and fellow outdoorsmen, if you come across hounds in the back country wearing GPS Collars and the lights are actively blinking green please do not remove them from the area thinking you are “rescuing” them. If lights are blinking green it means we can track them, by putting them in your car and driving away you are now making it so we can no longer track them at the distance you have possibly taken them. This creates a lot of anxiety for us as owners as one moment we see our dogs and are travelling towards them and the next they have disappeared on GPS. We understand you are trying to be helpful but if lights are green please leave our dogs. We are usually not far behind. Our hound dogs are the marathon runners of the dog world, sometimes running 20+ kilometres in a single day. They are thin but muscular and very healthy. If the light is blinking green, please leave them where they are. We will find them.

Recently one of our dogs was only 1km away from us when we went to collect her, she went from being 1km to 7km and then completely disappearing off the map as someone “rescued” her from the bush. Again we understand you may be trying to help but we have measures in place to know our dog’s whereabouts, please understand they are either chasing the scent of something and have come across you on their way or they are hanging around an area waiting to be picked up by us. Again, if lights are blinking green please do not put our dogs in your car and drive away with them. I found my dog but it created a lot of stress and anxiety thinking someone had stolen my dog, they are apart of our family and extremely loved.”