What we know now about how COVID-19 could impact fall hunting

What we know now about how COVID-19 could impact fall hunting

A major question on the minds of hunters recently has been “How will COVID-19 affect the fall seasons?”

The OFAH has been asked this question hundreds of times and we have been working hard to get our members as many answers as we can. We have been in regular discussion with the MNRF about how COVID-19 will impact seasons, draw application deadlines and licensing services.

MNRF has responded and you can read the full statement at www.ofah.org/covid19.

The key points are:

  • As of right now the MNRF is planning to go ahead with the fall hunts as scheduled
  • The draw deadlines for moose, antlerless deer and elk have not been extended
  • If the fall seasons are closed due to public health restrictions, the MNRF is considering options for reimbursement or credit.

While Ontario is currently in the process of re-opening, it is difficult to say what the situation will be in the fall. How hunters participate in the fall seasons will likely be affected by any physical distancing and public health guidelines that are in place. Some things can’t be answered right now.

The OFAH will continue to work to keep hunters up to date with information and advice on how we can all hunt and fish safely this fall and throughout the year.