“NASP has brought a much needed, cross-curricular teaching tool into the lives our students at RDHS. I’ve seen athletically inclined students, as well as non-athletes pick up a bow and have success within an incredibly short time.   As most of you know, when a person finds success a change in mindset occurs, with a more positive outlook on themselves and other. They look forward to coming to school and being a part of something bigger themselves.   The team environment is something traditional athletes are exposed to on a regular basis but these non – traditional athletes are discovering the enjoyment of a team sport (some for the first time) and that benefit is really immeasurable in how it will affect their lives.   I have been a traditional athlete my whole life (hockey, swimming, volleyball, curling, baseball, sailing, basketball; to name a few) but the outdoor sports (hunting, fishing, canoeing, camping) are part of our Canadian heritage and develops a sense of self-worth and independence that few other activities can.    By combining a (seemingly) traditional activity (archery) with the positive benefits of team – based camaraderie, we are reaching students who would choose isolation over group endeavors if given the choice.   Thank you NASP Ontario organizers, you are helping a lot of individuals discover a great, positive, life – long activity.”
~Elliot Blackshaw, Ridgetown District High School

“I incorporated NASP as part of my Outdoor Environmental Science class last year at Lake Superior High School. All of my students loved the program. I feel that NASP benefits all students because it is an accessible sport for all. Students are able to see their personal skill set increase daily which builds self-confidence. It also created a great class atmosphere as students were helping and teaching each other while giving praise.”
~Chris Dube, Lake Superior High School

“The NASP program has grown immensely since integrated 2 years ago. It first started by concentrating on teaching as many students as possible in the school which was approximately 200. The second year we concentrated on results. We wanted students to work on accuracy and friendly competition. This resulted in competing for the first time, and the students loved it. We also expanded to our feeder schools and began a second after school program. We attracted 30 additional students into the program and now they will be enthusiastic and ready when they enter our school in September 2017. The program has been widely accepted in our community and we are proud to be able to enrich the student programming in our rural community school. Thanks NASP!”
~Karl Armstrong, Char-Lan District High School

“I believe that it is a great program as I see several students who are not into the “typical” athletics and they strive for the archery. On the first day of school this year I had one of those kids track me down to find out when archery at lunch starts. It is one of the very few things that he likes about being at school.” 
~Guy Arpin, Rainy River High School

“Our students who live in an area surrounded by bush, absolutely loved having the opportunity to try a new sport. Several of our students have continued, with their parents. NASP has helped bring families together. The students had discovered that they had an affinity for the sport that they never knew they could have especially since they were not as adept at mother sports. It warmed our hearts seeing them blossom every time they pulled back.  Thank you for helping us to develop our students self confidence.”
~Caley Boyd, New Prospect School

“Students look forward to archery time in the school year. It is great to have an activity that promotes independence, a set of rules and a measurable success level. Everyone can set personal goals for improvement.”
~ Ken Linner, Holland-Chatsworth Central School