National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP)

  • 15,000 students, 600 teachers, 205 schools and counting…
  • Safe, 100% inclusive program
  • Meets/exceeds all OPHEA standards


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  • 15,000 students, 600 teachers, 205 schools and counting…
  • Safe, 100% inclusive program
  • Meets/exceeds all OPHEA standards


Get Your School Involved

Step 1:
School board approval (
many boards already on file)

Step 2:
Principal letter stating NASP will be taught in-class

Step 3:
Purchase equipment

Step 4:
Teacher training session

Step 5:
Shoot archery!

Teacher Training


  • Included in your NASP equipment purchase
  • 8 hour on-site session
  • Learn how to setup a safe archery range, how to teach the students proper shooting form, and how to maintain the equipment.

Instructor training was developed so teachers in every participating school could be certified to present NASP lessons that are safe for students, instructors, bystanders, and the facility. To date, NASP has certified more than 25,000 instructors.



  • Standardized to be safe, durable, economical, and a universal fit for every student
  • “Genesis” compound bows have no let-off and are adjustable from 10-20 pounds in draw weight at any draw length
  • Easton full-length aluminum arrows fit every student and  preserve NASP’s perfect safety record.
  • Sights, release aids, and stabilizers are kept out of NASP to facilitate equipment sharing among students in archery class.

"It is so much fun and engages everyone. This is an inclusive activity and it helps to build everyone's level of confidence."

Julie Cyr, Teacher
École secondaire Cité-Supérieure, Marathon

"Instruction in NASP reaches every student. Each student form grade 3/4 to grade 7/8 participated without barriers. This includes students on the Autism spectrum, A student with below the waist paralysis using a walker, and students formally identified with other learning disabilities. Three grade 8 girls who NEVER participate in gym class did participate in the NASP program, and after the first two days did not even need to have extra encouragement to do so."

Cathy Mask, Teacher
St. John Bosco Catholic School, Barry's Bay

"NASP is a great program from many points of view. It is enjoyable as a sport. Both students who are athletically inclined and students who don't usually excel at team sports can find great success with archery. As well, it helps students develop self-discipline and self-confidence. From a mental health point of view, archery promotes mindfulness and inner focus. Many of our students who struggle with anxiety and/or stress find archery relaxing and to a certain degree, therapeutic. Finally, archery has become a great vehicle for parent engagement. During our evening archery club sessions, many parents attend and an increasing number of parents are starting to participate as shooters. All in all, NASP is a great program that benefits our school community in many ways."

Dan Russell, Principal
Alexandra Community School, Owen Sound

"A comprehensive and student-centred program which allows learners to actively engage in target games to improve and widen their skill set."

Sherry Fernandes, Teacher
Courtice Secondary School

"We have one young gentleman, who is on a behaviour IEP who made the archery team. This is a young man who doesn't see a lot of success at school. When asked to write about something he was proud of, he wrote to his teacher about the being able to go to the tournament."

Kari Shufflebotham, Teacher
Hillcrest Elementary School, Owen Sound

"NASP has been a huge success at our school. We have a 100% participation rate with our students from grades 5 to 8. In 2019 our school team did extremely well at the Eastern Ontario Tournament, which gave our students a great feeling of school pride. Unfortunately our schools were closed this year for Covid 19 and the tournament was subsequently canceled. This was disappointing for our students, but we plan to be back next year for the competition!"

Martin Matthews, Teacher
Percy Centennial Public School, Warkworth

"The NASP program lets Archery be taught in a professional manner, instilling confidence, self control and allowing the participating students to feel success while allowing a connection to tradition Aboriginal Activities."

Dave Stepanik, Numeracy Coordinator
Bimose Tribal Council, Kenora

"The NASP program is not only beneficial by including students less inclined with traditional sports but it administers discipline. With potential safety concerns, students are better behaved and more aware of the rules and whistle commands."

Derek Munroe, PE Teacher
Tilbury Area Public School

"Students have a chance to compete with themselves, and shine amongst their peers. Archery frequently is done well by the quiet and reflective person who shies away from team or one on one sports, and in some cases, this is the only sport they enjoyed."

John Artymko, Teacher
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, Petawawa

"In a community where hunting, particularly bow hunting is part of the traditional local culture, our students have been very excited to participate in this sport. Even our non-hunting students fully engage in sessions. It is a highlight of our Physical Education programming for the year."

Anne Marie Landon, Principal
George Vanier Catholic School, Combermere

Special thanks to leaders in the industry that are also eager to lend their support to this program.

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Outside of Ontario?

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