How To Get Your School Involved

Getting started is simple.  Participating schools must have at least one staff member become a certified NASP archery instructor.  There are three requirements every school must meet in order to participate in NASP:

  1. A letter from the school’s principal must be provided on school letterhead, stating the NASP program will be offered during regular school curriculum at some point in the day.
  2. A school must have permission from its school board to run the program at its facility. A letter on school board letterhead approving the archery program is required.
  3. Every teacher who will deliver the program to students at their school is required to undergo eight to 12 hours of archery training no matter how much archery experience they have. The training is included in the purchase of your NASP equipment.

Schools in the OFAH NASP program will purchase a standard, safe, durable, modern, and universal-fit archery equipment kit.  Every child in this international program, no matter what province they live in, uses the exact same bows, arrows, targets, and shooting style.  This standardization is one of the reasons the program fosters such high levels of self-esteem amongst students and it removes socio-economic barriers for participants.

The archery equipment your school will purchase retails for 45% more than through this program.  For your school’s one-time investment, thousands of kids will learn this great sport over the lifetime of the equipment.  The following are two NASP kit options to meet your school’s size and budget needs.

Indeed, this is a significant learning opportunity for students and teachers across the province.  Ontario schools wanting more information about NASP can contact Tim Watts, OFAH NASP coordinator for further details at