Teacher Training

How to become a Basic Archery Instructor (BAI)IMG_0124

Included in your NASP equipment purchase, a school representative will be trained on how to successfully and safely run an archery program as part of a class. During the training session, teachers will learn how to setup a safe archery range, how to teach the students proper shooting form, and how to maintain the equipment.

Instructor training was developed so teachers in every participating school could be certified to present NASP lessons that are safe for students, instructors, bystanders, and the facility. To date, NASP has certified more than 22,000 instructors.

IMG_0232During the training, teachers learn how to set up and operate a safe archery range in their gymnasium. They are taught whistle signals used to move students to various taped lines on the range floor. These whistles indicate to students when to “get bows,” “shoot” and “go get arrows.” Instructors learn how to determine a student’s dominant eye and make a string bow training aid to teach archer form, shot execution, and follow-through using NASP’s Eleven Steps to Archery Success.

Teachers are provided extensive advice on how to provide positive coaching and sessions are conducted to explain inspection, maintenance, and operation of the equipment.

The OFAH will continue to introduce Ontario’s youth to skills and character development through target shooting, and with support from our partners and sponsors, will continue building this program throughout the province. In the future, the OFAH will showcase the growth of NASP in Ontario by hosting a provincial tournament with the goal of sending an Ontario NASP team to the Canadian National Championships.