Major victory in the fight against CWD!

Major victory in the fight against CWD!

Today saw a major victory in the OFAH’s fight to keep chronic wasting disease (CWD) out of Ontario.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is proposing to clamp down on how the deer farming industry can move animals into, through, and within Ontario, and further regulate high-risk parts and products.

This is something the OFAH has been advocating for and is a major accomplishment in the fight to keep CWD out of Ontario. All OFAH members should be proud knowing their voice drove this change.

The MNRF is also proposing to:

    • Expand the existing prohibition on the possession and use of natural lures made from body parts of cervids. Right now, these are illegal for hunters to use but can still be purchased and used for other things like nature photography.


  • Further restrict which cervid parts can be brought into Ontario by hunters, allowing only cut (butchered) meat, taxidermy mounts, tanned hides and skulls, canine teeth and antlers from which all tissue has been removed.

It’s important for hunters to voice their support, which will help ensure healthy deer, moose, elk, and caribou populations in Ontario for future generations.