Residents of Perth South, WE NEED YOUR HELP…

The OFAH is seeking your assistance to persuade the Township of Perth South to pass a resolution to permit Sunday gun hunting.

We have submitted a request to give a delegation in support of Sunday gun hunting at next week’s council meeting, but we need your help right now to try and push it forward.

So what can you do?

You can send a quick email in support of Sunday gun hunting to Rebecca Clothier – CAO/Treasures/Deputy ( and Lizet Scott ( for the Township of Perth South, and we would also suggest reaching out to your local councilor to express your support to them as well. When sending your e-mail, please copy OFAH senior advisor, community & partner relations, Brian McRae at (

Your input at this point in the process is critically important to help in moving this forward.

It is extremely important for all hunters to show their support for the additional opportunities that Sunday gun hunting would provide in the Township of Perth South.

We appreciate your support and assistance on this matter.