Update on Perth South Sunday gun hunting

Residents of Perth South, we STILL need your help…

The OFAH recently made a presentation to the Township of Perth South in support of a resolution to permit Sunday gun hunting.

The presentation was well-received, and we thank everyone who took the time to provide supportive feedback ahead of time. A decision on the matter was deferred as town staff solicit additional feedback from local residents on the matter.

The Township has launched an engagement website, where you can view background documents, the OFAH presentation to council and you can register to participate in a survey on Sunday gun hunting in the Township of Perth South. Your feedback now is more important than ever. Input gathered at this stage will be used to inform council before they debate it at council again on July 13.

Have your say here: https://www.getinvolvedperthsouth.ca/sunday-gun-hunting-public-consultation

We appreciate your support and assistance on this matter.