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Today's licenced hunters are very well trained and must pass written and practical tests before being issued a hunting licence. Statistical surveys consistently show that hunting is one of the safest of all recreations. For example, the National Safety Council says the likelihood of a hunter being injured is roughly half that of a person suffering an injury while playing billiards. In fact, injury rates in hunting are substantially lower than many other outdoors recreational activities such as baseball, golf, tennis and bicycle riding.

Under the Occupier's Liability Act, rural landowner's cannot be sued for damages by most people who come onto their land. Hunters know the possible dangers and choose to freely accept the legal responsibility for the chance of injury on the landowner's property. Hunters are also responsible for their own safety when using road allowances, private roads and recreational trails.

The hunter also agrees to leave the property as he/she found it. All gates will be closed or left open, as they were when he/she entered the property and being serious conservationists the hunter will not leave any garbage behind.

* OFAH members, in association with their membership and existing personal liability coverage, have an additional $3 million in public liability insurance. For more information please visit our Members Liability Insurance information page.


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