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where can I hunt

Where can I hunt in Ontario?

Hunting is an important part of our cultural heritage, and unites us in wildlife conservation.  It is largely through the efforts of hunters that today’s wildlife populations are sustainable enough for future generations to enjoy.  “Hunters buy more than 612,000 licences to hunt in Ontario annually, generating approximately $28.4 million in sales.”

Hunters contribute to wildlife conservation in Ontario by:

  • purchasing multiple hunting and angling licences (approximately $70 million earmarked for fish & wildlife conservation and management in Ontario)
  • completing mandatory hunter education courses that include biology, hunting ethics, firearms certification and landowner relations
  • donating to conservation causes
  • participating in community wildlife events
  • helping to maintain the balance between wildlife numbers and habitat
  • mentoring the future generations of hunters in Ontario

Your Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters is working at all levels to enhance and protect your hunting opportunities.  To find out how, visit our individual fish and wildlife pages.

Video perspectives on why we hunt

“Don’t confuse me with being anything else other than proud. Proud to be a hunter. It’s time we stop apologizing for how we get our protein. This is who we are. Unless you’re a small time rancher, small time farmer, a hunter or fishermen… you really have no idea where your food comes from. Most people don’t even think about it. Well, we think about it. ” – Donnie Vincent.

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