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For many, deer hunting in Ontario is a time honored tradition that brings people together, while contributing to conservation and wildlife management.  Not only do licenced deer hunters benefit from the food provided, but they also play an important role in minimizing crop damage, providing valuable harvest data and reducing vehicle collisions through population management.  The OFAH has a long history of involvement in whitetail deer management in the province.  As the voice for anglers and hunters, the OFAH has long-insisted that management decisions are science-based and that governments are held accountable to ensure sustainable deer populations.  The OFAH has also pushed for expanded gun seasons, more bowhunting opportunities and additional deer seals which we continue to enjoy today.  In 1995, the OFAH created the DeerSave program which provides seed funding for emergency winter deer conservation efforts such as trail breaking, browse cutting, and purchase of feed for deer in areas where extreme winter conditions could lead to large-scale starvation in deer yards.  It is this kind of commitment to conservation that the OFAH and its members stand for to ensure that a healthy deer population is available for generations to come.

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