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Migratory Game Birds

Migratory game birds are a valued resource that are managed federally by the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) of Environment Canada.  Under the Migratory Bird Convention Act (MBCA), CWS is responsible for setting annual hunting seasons and bag limits for each migratory game bird species.  Species such as ducks and geese, mourning doves, snipe, and woodcock provide excellent hunting opportunities and experiences which contribute directly to Ontario’s economy.  The OFAH is committed to making sure that regulations and policies affecting migratory game birds reflect the interests of hunters.  The OFAH also promotes youth and expanded migratory game bird hunting opportunities where sustainable.  As members of the Ontario Waterfowl Advisory Committee (OWAC), OFAH staff are able to bring forward member concerns and influence decisions and policies that could impact game bird hunting in Ontario.

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