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The OFAH represents the interests of anglers and hunters on a variety of land use management issues in Ontario.  For anglers and hunters, access can mean many different things depending on the location, season and what fishing and hunting activities you enjoy.  At the root of many access issues is an underlying misconception  about angling or hunting.  Overly restrictive land use policies, the belief that fishing and hunting are incompatible with other recreational activities, or perceived liability and safety issues are some of the most common reasons anglers and hunters are denied access.  Access restrictions result from the physical elimination of access points, or through exclusions in legislation, regulations and policy.  It could be a gate on a Crown road, deteriorating public boat launches, no Sunday gun hunting, “no fishing” signs along public waterfront or firearms discharge bylaws keeping you from your favorite hunting and fishing spots. Although the specific access restrictions may be different as you move around the province, they all translate to missed opportunities.  The OFAH is working to enhance fishing and hunting opportunities by combating lands and access restrictions on Crown lands and waters, private land, protected areas, municipal restrictions and trails.

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