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Kate Powell

Coordinator, ALUS Peterborough Program
Kate joined the OFAH in 2017 as the Terrestrial Specialist with the Invading Species Awareness Program and now works as coordinator of the ALUS Peterborough Program. She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science Honours degree from Trent University and Ecosystem Management diplomas from Sir Sandford Fleming College. Kate’s interest in local stewardship and restoration initiatives also led her to her voluntary role as part of the Peterborough County Stewardship board. She enjoys spending time on the water and in the woods, backcountry camping, cycling and birding.

Since it started in 2017, ALUS Peterborough program grew local interest, participants, projects and partners and after four full years, there are 23 projects established across the region totaling 207.2 acres of re-naturalization. In 2021 ALUS Peterborough aims to re-naturalize at least 33 new acres of marginal farmland in 2021.

Kate Powell - OFAH Insider