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Dr. Keith Munro

Wildlife Biologist, OFAH
Dr. Keith Munro is the OFAH Wildlife Biologist. Holding a B.Sc. from the University of Guelph, a M.Sc. from Carleton University and Ph.D. from Trent University, Keith brings experience as both a scientist and a hunter to the OFAH. With more than a decade of experience researching white-tailed deer, Keith knows the value of hunting as both an important tradition and a key tool for wildlife management.
Moose walking through the river in the fall
On June 15th, 2021, the second chance allocation stage for moose opened. We’re seeing plenty of questions from hunters across the
A lone large Black Bear
May 1st marked the full return of the spring bear hunt in Ontario. While the immediate benefits to bear management, bear hunters and northern businesses and communities are obvious,
On a September weekend in 2018, I was attending the After The Shot workshop put on by OFAH Zone G in
The OFAH is always pushing the MNRF to invest in moose science  and, if necessary, we’ll roll up our sleeves and
Dr. Keith Munro - OFAH Insider