Robert Pye

Manager, Business Development & Corporate Messaging
Robert Pye has been a proud OFAH member since he was just 12-years old and in 1998, he was hired by the Federation in a fulltime communications role following his field placement through Durham College. He is currently the Manager of Business Development & Corporate Messaging. Robert and his family own heritage property where they produce maple syrup, host environmental field trips for high school science students and enjoy all opportunities for nature-based activities including turkey, bear, and deer hunting. Robert’s passion is hunting with his English Setters, his Dad, and his boys.
After 46 weeks in the game, we need to acknowledge something special about Catch the Ace. Tickets sales are motivated from
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It all started in 1974…   Like you, tens of thousands of Federation members have, at one time, clicked a fridge
A beautiful landscape of the nature
Last week, Sherry Chambers let her daughter in on a nice opportunity she’s been chasing online.   “So, I’ve been playing
Wild Deer In The Colorado Great Outdoors – White-tailed Deer Buc
Every Wednesday, the OFAH Catch the Ace winner’s announcement tells a story about people like you – kind and caring supporters
We started OFAH Catch the Ace game with two goals — raise bucks for conservation, and welcome new OFAH supporters.  
Over the past few weeks, OFAH promotional posts for National Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day have been a look back.
Across Canada, on the third Saturday of September, our great outdoor traditions are saluted with an official “Day.”   That Day
Fishing on a lake at sunset. Fishing rod with a reel in hand.
Alexandra Percy, of Bowmanville, is always one touch away from her favorite way to support conservation. Last fall, she added the
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Find an organization that tells you they have over 77,000 active members and you will find an organization that people care
This week’s CTA winner carries a badge. Ryan Hamersma, 37, of Brantford, is an Enforcement Officer for Environment Canada and Climate
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Life demands your attention on the daily to-do list. But we thought it was time you were recognized for everything you
Caution Poison Ivy
On Sunday April 25, Roxanne Pickering, of Sudbury picked up on a special sign. “Signs, signs everywhere there’s signs” – was
An inspired outdoors day is thanks to a conservation volunteer who always looks upstream. The quiet leadership and vision of the
Count sleeps, don’t lose them! Let’s count down the sleeps until turkey, trout and bear openers instead of losing sleeps over
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