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The OFAH NXT-GEN program was created to provide volunteer experiences for younger people of all abilities with opportunities to offer direct input into OFAH discussions and be spokespersons and influencers for the OFAH while gaining valuable experience, connections, and insights into fishing and hunting and other conservation management topics.

How does it work?

Anyone between the ages of 18-29 (born between January 1, 1993 and July 1, 2004) is invited to apply to be an OFAH NXT-GEN Ambassador by submitting an online application, which you can find below. Applications will be reviewed by an OFAH NXT-GEN committee and successful candidates will be notified.

What type of experience and connections can you expect?

It really depends on you. No two experiences will be the same as the OFAH has a lot to offer. Each Ambassador may be looking for different levels of involvement, experience, and skills development. For current students or recent graduates, these opportunities could help bridge the gap between school and your careers. For other Ambassadors, it might be about getting more involved, giving back, or simply helping the OFAH, which is the largest and most influential fish and wildlife conservation group in Ontario, grow the perspectives and input offered in important resource management discussions.

These volunteer experiences will provide OFAH NXT-GEN Ambassadors with personal and professional growth through some, or all, of the following:

  • Working alongside fellow Ambassadors to help build a strong sense of community and leadership among young people with an interest in conservation, fishing, hunting, and an outdoor lifestyle
  • Participation on OFAH Advisory Committees, including Fisheries, Big Game, Land Use/Access/Trails, and Small Game & Migratory Birds, which will provide you a chance to influence OFAH discussions and positions on important natural resource topics
  • Representing the fishing and hunting community or OFAH on government and non-government committees and councils
  • Profiling your OFAH experience in Ontario OUT of DOORS Magazine and through OFAH communications
  • Networking with OFAH Advisory Committee members, OFAH Board of Directors, OFAH staff, and a broad range of external partners
  • Gaining fieldwork experience with our programs and staff (Community Hatchery ProgramInvading Species Awareness ProgramLake Ontario Atlantic Salmon ProgramALUS program, Outdoor Education programs)
  • Observing OFAH Board of Director meetings to gain further insight into how the operations and governance of the OFAH works
  • Providing you with unique experience in natural resource management policy development and NGO governance that can be used no matter what academic, career, or volunteer experiences you pursue in the future, plus a professional OFAH reference to help you get there

How long is the term and expected commitment?

We ask all Ambassadors to participate for at least a one-year term (July 2022 to June 2023), but are also restructuring the program to build in opportunities to remain involved with the OFAH beyond that term at a level that makes sense for you. A typical volunteer advisory committee member would participate in 3 to 4 meetings (2-3 hours in length) and engage through email discussion with other committee members and staff. The Ambassadors will also form a NXT-GEN Advisory Committee, which will meet periodically throughout the year.

Note: Currently, all meetings are virtual, but in-person meetings are possible in the future. Taking advantage of additional opportunities like fieldwork, observing other OFAH meetings, etc. would require greater commitment.

Apply today to become an OFAH NXT-GEN Ambassador

The deadline for applications is June 26, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

OFAH NXT-GEN inquiries can be e-mailed to

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