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2019 OFAH Ontario Wildlife Calendar

I am a waterfowler. I am a bass angler. I am a sports shooter. I am a __________?

No matter if, when and how often these “I AM” statements match your outdoors lifestyle, there’s one statement that galvanizes all fishing and hunting pastimes. I AM CONSERVATION.

I AM CONSERVATION is the single greatest statement that describes the passion and purpose behind every traditional outdoors pursuit. I am an OFAH member is in the echo of 80,000 voices that never give up on the fight to improve outdoors opportunities. I AM CONSERVATION is in the heart of anglers and hunters who believe in giving something back — your OFAH membership and donations to conservation are doing exactly that.

You give back because you care. You made conservation your personal cause. Your Federation sent you this I AM CONSERVATION edition OFAH calendar because you have never let the outdoors down.

Stocking fish, funding moose research, pushing for new hunting and fishing opportunities by demanding that the government “take action” on conservation priorities are great examples of your tenacity and OFAH membership. We are proud to have your support.

The demand for OFAH membership and donation dollars has never been so strong. We cannot do it all on membership dues alone.

Let the 2019 OFAH Ontario Wildlife Calendar, displayed in your home or office, help remind others that I AM CONSERVATION is your proudest outdoor statement.

Please donate. The conservation cause really needs your help again.

Thank you.

After donating, head over to to purchase OFAH Christmas Cards, as well as additional 2019 OFAH calendars. They make great a great Christmas gift for that hard to buy for angler and hunter. Every dollar raised from these programs supports your outdoor traditions and conservation causes.

Please donate today. Every dollar raised supports your outdoor traditions and conservation. Let the 2019 OFAH Ontario Wildlife Calendar, displayed in your home or office, help remind others that you are making a difference.

Please provide your information below to start your donation!

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To purchase additional calendars or OFAH Christmas Cards visit the OFAH Proshop.

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