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OFAH Digital Membership

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People who care about the outdoors, care about the outdoors leadership of OFAH members.

If you value the work of volunteers who are committed to fish stocking and habitat enhancement, you have a special place in the outdoors community. The OFAH appreciates your respect for every new outdoor opportunity, including salmon fishing and turkey hunting.

OFAH membership is a personal choice. Anglers and hunters join to take action. They believe in creating a better fishing and hunting future. Every new OFAH membership is an added VOICE for conservation.

Strength in numbers. Individually, no one could possibly present the time or professional expertise to tackle all of these issues facing anglers and hunters today:

Cormorants, moose management, gun legislation, invading species, tackle ban proposals, Chronic Wasting Disease, Lyme Disease, access to Crown land, and the rise of anti fishing and anti hunting agendas that threaten your outdoors way of life.

Are these issues important to you?

$35 is a commitment that every angler and hunter can afford to make for an OFAH membership that provides the value of information in Ontario OUT of DOORS Magazine and in outdoors liability insurance protection.

What’s the best part of OFAH membership? Being part of a proud outdoors community that values your respect for conservation and fishing and hunting traditions.

Your outdoors leadership is what OFAH is all about. Please join us today.

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