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Moose are the largest of the four deer species found in Ontario and highly respected by hunters and outdoor recreationists. In Ontario, moose are managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) as a Crown resource for all residents.  Moose generate significant economic activity through hunting, viewing and tourism. The OFAH has been involved in moose management from the beginning, and still works to ensure that government decisions are made to protect and conserve our moose populations.  The Federation was instrumental in introducing the selective harvest system in 1983 which allocates moose tags based on science, population assessment, harvest reporting and biologically-based guidelines.  Since its introduction, the selective harvest system has resulted in increased moose numbers over the last 30 years, which supports annual moose hunting seasons.  The OFAH was also heavily involved in a review of the adult validation tag (AVT) lottery system, introduction of the group application and pool process that have benefitted moose hunters.

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