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OFAH Zones

Upcoming Meetings

Zone A – June 1, Dryden, Ontario

Zone B – May 30, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Zone C – General Meeting, 11 a.m. Sunday August 25, 2019 at the Kenogami Bridge Inn, Hwy. 11 N., Kenogami, Ontario.

Zone D – May 11, St. Joseph’s Island — more details to follow.

Zone E –  General Meeting, August 25th at the Griffith & Matawatchan Hall

Zone F –  General Meeting, August 30 — more details TBA

Zone G –  General Meeting, August 17, York Region Forest

Zone H – General Meeting, July 14 at Barrie District Hunters and Anglers Conservation Club

Zone J – TBA

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If you’ve been thinking about getting more involved in the OFAH, you may be wondering, “what is an OFAH Zone membership meeting anyway?”A zone meeting is, perhaps, best described as “an information clearinghouse” on all matters related to fishing, hunting and conservation:

  • a chance for OFAH members to find out what is going on both locally and provincially;
  • an opportunity to promote an idea, or express a concern;
  • a chance to learn from presentations by professional fish and wildlife managers;
  • an opportunity to learn from OFAH head office staff, your OFAH Board of Directors and other guest speakers;
  • a place to share ideas, resources and workloads with like-minded conservation clubs in your area;
  • the place to nominate, vote and even run for election in the zone’s annual election process.
Zone Contacts


Roy DeCorte 807-597-4285

Contact OFAH head office

OFAH Zone C  [ Website ]
Peter Sword 705-647-7986

Roy Polsky 705-897-6556

OFAH Zone E [ Website ]
Brian Sheppard 905-396-8683

OFAH Zone F [ Website ]
Ed Giffin 613-542-6393

OFAH Zone G [ Website ]
Leslie Dungog 416-895-7016

OFAH Zone H [ Website ]
Wayne Forgrave 705-725-8611

OFAH Zone J Website ]
Brian Moore – E-mail

Make a difference 

OFAH Zone meetings keep the OFAH going strong because they are a source of grassroots ideas and membership initiatives.

News faces and fresh ideas are always welcome on zone executives, local committees and citizens’ groups, as well as at the table of the OFAH Board of Directors. Mentorship is strongly encouraged and urgently needed at the local and provincial levels. While each zone may offer a slightly different format, most meetings are conducted quarterly and either on a Saturday or Sunday morning. To help break up the travel, these meetings move across the zone and are generally hosted by various OFAH member clubs. Moving these meetings across the zone gives more OFAH members a chance to affordably participate whenever a zone meeting is hosted near their community. 

Where is my zone?

See the OFAH zone map above. Your zone is also indicated on your OFAH membership card.